Acupuncture as Preventative Medicine

Many people think of acupuncture as something you do when a health complaint has gotten loud enough and painful enough to no longer ignore or if conventional treatment hasn’t been totally effective. And acupuncture is great in acute situations, especially pain, and often helps to resolve lingering complaints. However, I believe that acupuncture’s greater gift is derived when it is incorporated into a regular wellness program. So many times, people find their way to the acupuncturist wanting treatment for something that could’ve been avoided all together or at least minimized in severity with a committed wellness regimen that included acupuncture.

Regular, rhythmic acupuncture lowers stress, boosts immunity, supports sound sleep and good digestion, not to mention vital emotional and mental support. When the effects of stress in the body is lessened by acupuncture on a regular basis, your body is better able to remain stable and you are often able to avoid common ailments such as colds and flus, aches and pains and more importantly, have a better chance of avoiding more serious health issues.

I can’t write about how we heal without always speaking about the importance of incorporating a daily breathing/meditation practice. Taking some time every day to breath deep and quiet your mind is the number one activity, above all else, to feel better and heal on all levels. Just 15 minutes every day can improve your health at a deep cellular level. And after all, we’re just a wonderful, complex bag of cells that function optimally with lower stress. And most of the stress effecting our cellular function is from chronic, negative thought patterns.

However, even as I know this is true, I, like most people, don’t always do such a great job of keeping my stress levels down and am thankful that there are things like acupuncture to give me a hand and keep me balanced.

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